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Estate Planning

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You can plan now to give a gift in your name as part of your legacy. Our planned estate giving program allows many ways to design your plan while you are alive and continue to provide valuable support after you are gone. We suggest you consult a financial advisor or attorney to record your wishes. Here are a few methods to consider and discuss:

Provisions in a will allowing the donor to specify annual contributions, conservation restrictions on land, make a special gift to enhance a land trust. 

Charitable Remainder Trust
Irrevocable trust providing income for landowner or other beneficiary for life or a term of 20 years.

Reserved Life Estate
Landowner conveys property to land trust and continues to live on the land until death, at which time the property title is transferred to the land trust.

IRA Distribution
Assets or accounts donated to a land trust allowing owner eligibility of income tax deduction. This is often used when an individual makes required minimum distributions/RMD from an IRA account after the age of 72. This donation method is often referred to as qualified charitable distribution or QCD.

Stock Donations
You can donate stock directly to Wild Rivers Land Trust through our brokerage account with Charles Schwab. Long-term appreciated securities, including stock, bonds, and mutual funds, offers you a significant tax benefit. 

Donor Advised Funds
Administered by a public charity that is created to manage donations from an organization, families or individuals.

Life Insurance, Pension Plan
Assets donated directly to a land trust from an insurance policy, annuity, retirement plan, or other savings account related to a pension. 

For all direct transfers of securities, we recommend you talk to your broker to identify the securities that you’d like to give to the Wild Rivers Land Trust (WRLT).
Please notify WRLT of the anticipated gift, so we can work with our Brokerage firm and ensure you are properly credited and that your gift is designated appropriately.

Please contact Scott Fogarty at or call 541.366.2150 with the following information:
Your name and address
The stock or other securities you plan to transfer and the number of shares
The approximate value of this gift
If this gift is intended for highest need or a specific designation
If you need a copy of our IRS non-profit Determination Letter or other information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Wild Rivers Land Trust is a 501(c)3 organization. EIN#93-1289894