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Scott Fogarty

Scott Fogarty

Scott Fogarty has dedicated his professional life to environmental protection and enhancement. For 25 years he served as non-profit Executive Director for both Friends of Trees and the Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center. Prior to that Scott was a Project Director for the US Environmental Protection Agency in the Office of Water and was a Public Interest Attorney in West Virginia. Scott has served on many Board of Directors including the Human Access Project, Sandy River Watershed Council, Willamette Riverkeeper, Grey Family Foundation Facilities Board, Opal Creek Federal Advisory Board, and the Multnomah County Public Health Board. He holds a J.D. and an M.A. from West Virginia University and a B.A. from Santa Clara University. He joined WRLT in 2022.

Scott loves local breweries, traveling the world, camping and skiing with his daughters and wife, whitewater kayaking, surfing, rugby, gardening, and the arts. He recently completed a solo motorcycle journey around Mongolia where he went from the Altai Mountains to the Gobi desert in search of the meaning of life (still looking).