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Jenny Dukek /Fundraising Committee

Jenny Dukek /Fundraising Committee

Jenny Dukek grew up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern California and spent many weekends and summers fishing throughout the western states.  She developed a deep appreciation for nature early on and achieved a two year degree in Geology before earning a B.S. in Paleobiology from UC Davis. Her passion for nature, and desire to inspire others to develop the same passion, led her to become a high school science teacher before dedicating more than two decades to educational leadership. Jenny holds a Masters in Education with an emphasis on cross-cultural teaching, has worked as an interpretive park ranger in California and Nevada, is currently a volunteer for the ODFW Angler Education program, and lives in Port Orford, Oregon with her husband Ken and dog. She is most proud of her two adult children who reside in Nevada and have careers in science. She is excited for the opportunity to help others have positive experiences and find solace in nature through fishing and other outdoor activities.